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AI Tenitas Prophet Pen


The EN02B 0.30 7F, 5.5mm Taper Curved Flat Tattoo Cartridge Needle is sold in a pack of 20 sterilized, separate units.



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Credit module TBI Bank RO 1.1.1
390.76 Lei x 12 rate



 Ai-Tenitas Pen – primul aparat de tattoo smart din lume. 

Ai-Tenitas ofera o combinatie de inovatie, eficienta si cu un design care vine in ajutorul utilizatorului. Nu doar promite sa imbunatateasca experienta lucrului pentru tine ca Artist, deasemenea ofera functii care pot ajuta eficienta afacerii si managementul clientilor.

Daca esti un tatuator sau dermopigmentist in cautare de un instrument care sa iti ridice standardele, acest aparat este perfect pentru tine.


Date tehnice:
Frecventa: 25 -140 Hz
Motor: FAULHABER Brushless 6-watt motor
Stroke: 4.0 mm
Dimensiuni: 33 x 155 mm
Greutate: 156 g (fara baterie), 189 g (cu baterie)

  1.  Design Inovativ: Acesta este primul aparat smart cu display si propriul sistem de operare din lume. Este minunat daca esti un tatuator sau dermopigmentist in cautare de cele mai noi si bune instrumente si vrei sa fi la curent cu cea mai noua tehnologie.
  2. Castigator de premiu :Designul sau a castigat premiul iF Design Award in 2022. Premiul este castigat dupa 4 criterii :forma , functie, diferentiere, impact. Primind acest premiu isi arata excelenta in design, functionalitate si contributiei inovatiei in tatuaje.
  3. UV Sterilization Box: With 6 sterilization lights, the pen case can be used as a sterilization device. Within 6 minutes, the machine can be up to 99.9% sterilized.
  4. High-Quality Motor: The customized 6W German FAULHABER brushless motor creates minimal noise and vibration, which helps to provide a smooth tattooing experience.
  1. Operating Modes: Two distinct modes for you as an artist: to be used for efficient lining techniques, and to be used as a flexibleshader.
  2. Versatility: Strokes of up 4.00mm depth and adjustable stitch frequency (25-140 Hz) suit needs of lining as well as pigment packing/shading. The flexible modes can meet various tattoo or PMU demands.
  3. Long Battery Life: With up to 12 hours from the rechargeable Panasonic battery (1900mAh Panasonic NCR18500A), you won’t need to charge frequently during long sessions. The battery itself is replaceable to promote even longer life of the tattoo pen.
  4. Comfortable Design: The ergo-designed shape ensures your comfort during longer tattoo sessions, minimizing hand fatigue and aching.
  5. Unique Features: The 35° bevel OLED (slanted organic light emitting) screen offers an ideal viewing angle. The adjustable ambient light can set the mood for the workspace with different color options, and turns orange/red depending on battery charge.
  6. Informative Screen: The OLED screen shows the voltage, operating modes, battery life and connectivity status. This keeps you constantly informed during the tattooing process.
  7. Durable Material: The use of premium aircraft-grade aluminum promises longevity and corrosion resistance. The main body of the pen can be sanitized with cold sterilization products.
  8. Unique CRM System: The integrated CRM system is specially designed for you as a tattoo artist. The management of client relationships and tracking of sessions makes your life easier. How? It has the feature to memorize personal settings, reducing setup time for repeat sessions with clients.


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